China International Exhibition of Olive Oil and Edible Oil 2011 中國國際橄欖油和食用油展覽會(China International Exhibition of Olive Oil and Edible Oil),是中國唯一的橄欖油國際專業展覽,是目前全世界橄欖油展覽規模和數量最大的展會之一。Olave有機特級初榨冷有機橄欖油,在十分激烈的競爭下,榮獲銅牌獎的肯定,這證明了Olave的優良品質與特色,在全球橄欖油市場中,具有卓越的競爭力與品牌形象。 Rec_Olave_Oil_China.jpg маринованный имбирь польза для похудения отзывы The Oil China Exhibition is the only professional internacional exhibition of olive oil and edible in China, approved and fully supported by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). It has become the most renowned exhibition with the largest scale and number of olive oil varieties from all over the world.

follow site Olave Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded with Bronze Medal at this competition! This is a very good acknowledgment for Olave Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, confirms it's excellent quality and remarkable characteristics which makes it as a very attractive Olive Oil in the Market and help us to continue expanding and Strengthening Olave's brand image globally. 《進一步瞭解產品細節》

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