ALTAIR 阿達伊酒莊

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мдма купить в москве 融合了法國葡萄酒優良血統與智利頂級級數酒(Grand Cru Classe)特色的ALTAIR酒莊,所生產的葡萄酒屢獲國際大獎,釀酒工藝深獲肯定,是智利頂級葡萄酒的代表之一。

source url Winter and the spring underwent normal conditions. The sprout was slow with normal temperatures and presented a good homogeneity. There was a proper ripeness, that was followed by a warm and dry season, market by an increase in the temperatures in the middle of march, that reached 36℃ to 38℃. This brought excellent weather conditions that allowed us to harvest later than previous years. The wine obtained have great tannic concentration, of great colour, good acidity and great balance.

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altair-2006 鮮豔紅寶石色澤帶著紫色的色調,新鮮紅色水果的味道混合著巧克力和松露的優雅香氣

enter site 深紫色的酒體,充滿著誘人的香氣。散發著黑莓、香料與杉木的氣息。