VISTAMAR 威士達美葡萄酒莊園

go to site 智利威士達美莊園實現現代葡萄酒的精神,透過智利豐富的地理特質,完整呈現出新世界葡萄酒所有的精華,釀造風格獨特而多樣化;積極追求更圓潤、果香飽滿、口感清新與受大家所喜愛的酒款,同時也運用傳統釀酒工藝,醞釀出濃郁、層次分明、口感複雜,極具智利特色的頂級葡萄酒。

here Vistamar was created with clear winemaking philosophy, embodying modern wines with the unique characteristics from different terriors of Chile, displaying the true essence of “New World” wines. Regardless the style been a simpler and refreshing wine with full of fruitiness or, a mouthful of intense and complex wine with strong personality, the attitude of Vistamar skillfully shine through the highest quality of their wines.


go 活潑的淡黃綠色澤,擁有清新爽口、鮮明而充滿活力的特質。