NATIVA 娜堤瓦有機葡萄酒莊

娜堤瓦Nativa系出名門,是智利聲望卓越的酒廠之一卡門Carmen酒莊生產的優質酒品,在1995年正式量產。1999年以後,Nativa全心投入生產有機葡萄酒,並通過國際有機專業認證的嚴格審查。2008年在 Colchagua山谷裡Nativa有機葡萄園,收成了第一批有機的葡萄。2009年,Nativa Eco葡萄酒公司正式成立,長遠的發展計畫與致力於有機的農業生產的決心,逐步建立了品牌的特色與聲譽。

Nativa was born in 1995 as a part of Viña Carmen, one of the most prestigious wineries in Chile. Four years later, in 1999, Nativa became the first Chilean wine elaborated with certified organic grapes. From that point on Nativa continued developing wines with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes from the Alto Maipo Valley, obtaining outstanding international prestige and important recognitions from the specialized press. In 2007 Nativa begins to work closely with organically grown grape producers from Maipo Valley and in 2008 Nativa receives the first organic grapes from its own vineyards in Marchigüe, Colchagua Valley. In 2009, the Nativa Eco Wines company was created and it became a part of the Santa Rita Group portfolio, strengthening its solid commitment with organic agriculture, sustainability, and an ambitious plan for the future.