LA FINCA Torrontes

watch 英文品名: LA FINCA Torrontes
watch Tasting Note: Pale golden color with green hues. It has intense grape aromas, mingled with soft rose petals, grapefruit, lichi, and other tropical fruits as mango and maracuja. It has a marked acidity on the mouth. It is a wine of great balance, freshness, and excellent body.

click here 產品簡介 清澈的淡黃色色澤帶著綠色調,強烈的葡萄果香帶有玫瑰花、柚子、荔枝等熱帶水果柔和的香氣,口感新鮮,酸度平衡。

Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:8-10℃