VISTAMAR Sepia Reserva Carmenere 中文品名: 威士達美經典佳美娜紅葡萄酒

Colour: deep red with violety highlights.

Aroma: red fruit, fresh blackberries and spices, with the subtle hint of herbs typical of the variety.

Flavour: fresh and fruity in the mouth , with mild, kindly tannins, good concentration and a long finish, framed with delicate touches of vanilla. Food pairings: lean meats, turkey with prune sauce, rabbit and mushroom risotto.

Best served at between 16°C ~ 18°C.
嚴選的優質葡萄產自於擁有地中海型氣候的安地斯山脈卡夏普爾山谷地區;在法國與美國像木桶中熟陳10至12個月。深紫紅色澤中帶著紅色水果果香與新鮮黑莓、香草、香料與微量的草本的香氣。口感鮮明,單寧柔順甜美,餘韻悠長。 Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:16-18
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