2012 Flos Olei Italian Guide 97分評價

Olave有機橄欖油再獲Flos Olei指南最高得分評價

這是Olave連續五年得到Flos Olei指南的最高榮譽-97點。Flos Olei指南是世界上最負盛名的橄欖油指南,每年分析的樣品,超過3000多個來自世界各地最好的初榨橄欖油。最近宣布2012年的結果,Olave獲得100%的有機特級初榨橄欖油的最高得分。

Olave Organic receives again the maximum score on Flos Olei Italian Guide
For its fifth consecutive year Olave reaches the highest distinction, 97 points on Flos Olei 2012 Italian Guide. Flos Olei, previously known as "Le Guide L'Extravirgine", by journalist and food critic Marco Oreggia, is the world's most prestigious Italian guide. It analyzes and samples over 3,000 samples of the world's best extra virgin olive oils. The results of year 2012 were recently announced and Olave obtained for its fifth consecutive year the publication's maximum score, with the Olave 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.