O-LIVE& CO 特級初榨冷壓橄欖油

O-LiVE & CO Extra Virgin Olive Oils

O-Live & CO 特級初榨冷壓橄欖油 



O-LIVE專屬橄欖莊園位於智利的科爾查瓜山谷Colchagua Valley,這裡除了擁有與地中海相同的的氣候的特質外,在安第斯山脈天然屏障下沒有蟲害、多樣性的土壤特性及擷取海岸山脈終年積雪的純淨水源,橄欖樹在與尊重大自然生態平衡的環境中生長;特別是乾燥的夏季與極大的日夜溫差,提高了果香濃度與油脂含量,特別是橄欖多酚Polyphenol含量豐富,品質優異。LIVE特級初榨冷壓橄欖油的卓越品質,已經獲得國際五項大獎的崇高榮譽;包括2011年洛杉磯國際特級初榨橄欖油大賽與義大利Concorso L'Orciolo D'Oro的金牌肯定。


As it turns out, our home, Chile’s Colchagua Valley, features a climate similar to that of the olive-rich Mediterranean, where nearly 87% of the world’s olives are grown. Nestled between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the area’s long, hot summers and mild, wet winters produce a soil that is ideal for growing olives that rival the world’s best.

Our olives are grown in high-density groves and mechanically picked at the height of their ripeness. Then, in our mill and bottling facilities located in the heart of our 6,500-acre estate, we press and seal our oil within just two hours of harvest. This minimizes handling and oxidation, while guaranteeing we reach the coveted < 0.2 % acidity level that only the best extra virgin olive oils can deliver. That’s what leads to the fresh, smooth, buttery taste that has already made O-Live & Co. one of the world’s top extra virgin olive oils. All from our home in Chile.