PISCO ALTO del CARMEN 40° Transparent Reserve

分類: PISCO 皮斯可
英文品名: PISCO ALTO del CARMEN 40° Transparent Reserve
中文品名: 智利奧拓卡門銀翼典藏皮斯可
產地: Elqui Valley
Tasting Note:

The new product of Chile's Premium Pisco, is distilled under the high quality standards.
The new ALTO del CARMEN Transparent is a high quality, 40° reserve pisco, distilled solely from Muscatel Red and Alexandria grapes which, when combined, provide a unique aroma and flavour.
ALTO del Carmen's Transparent also undergoes double-distilling and triple cold-filtering processes, endowing it with incomparable purity and resulting in a finer and more elegant product.
The result of all this process is an outstanding product, a smooth and balanced pisco with refined flavour and elegant aromas.


奧拓卡門銀翼典藏皮斯可,精選紅寶石(Muscatel Red)與愛麗安迪雅(Alexandria)兩種麝香葡萄品種,經過雙重蒸餾和三道低溫過濾的精緻工序,醞釀出無與倫比的獨特的風味,並賦予了屬於這款皮斯可的優雅魅力,結構平衡,口感細膩。