VERUM 威魯葡萄酒莊園

Verum酒莊位於西班牙La Mancha葡萄酒產區,這個產區是西班牙規模最大且歷史最悠久的產區之一,產區的葡萄釀酒文化早從12世紀時就已經開始,也是La Mancha地區的經濟重要支柱;優良的葡萄酒傳統,深植與融入在當地的生活習俗與文化中。


Verum winery and vineyards are located in Tomelloso, a town in La Mancha ‒the largest wine-producing region in the world. Wine-culture tradition permeates everyday life and the customs of this town since its development was driven by wine making and distilling. As a result, the town ranks now among the top wine-making places in the world. Verum means “truthful” in Latin. This is precisely what we seek to convey through our wines: The truth of our land. Recovering the best land and vineyards to make our wines. The truth of our family. Learning from our ancestors, who already cultivated this land. The truth of our wines. A true reflection of our region and family history.