VISTAMAR Brisa Moscato

英文品名: VISTAMAR Brisa Moscato
中文品名: 威士達美微風莫斯卡托微甜白葡萄酒
品種: 100% Moscato
產地:  Central Valley
Tasting Note:

A wind range of strategies is used in canopy management with the aim of maximizing the amount of sunlight in the area where the grapes are ripening. The preferred technique consists of training the shoots vertically, which improves their exposure to the sunbeams and enhances the flavour of the fruit. Irrigation is applied sparingly to maintain the vine’s balanced growth and achieve a constant ripening rhythm. The grapes are harvested manually to ensure that they reach the winery in good condition. They are steamed and then crushed, after which the juice is decanted at 10o Celsius into a vat and pectolytic enzymes are added. After this, the clear juice is transferred to another vat and the must is then left to ferment, having been inoculated with selected yeasts to bring about alcoholic fermentation. At this stage, the temperatures are between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius. Then the wine is fined and stabilized at low temperature and a decision is taken as to bottling and subsequent consumption.

Food pairings: Uncooked shellfish, ceviches, and Japanese dishes.

Best served at between 8°C and 10°C.
Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:8-10℃