House Tirazis Syrah

英文品名: House El Tirazis Syrah
中文品名: 首席釀酒師西拉斯紅葡萄酒
品種: 100% Syrah
產地:  Casablanca Valley
年份: 2012
Tasting Note:

Tiraziš is a cold-climate Syrah that comes originally from the Casablanca Valley, where the grapes are grown on just 3.68 hectares of “bush vines” on the slopes of Cerro Algarrobo on the Belén estate. According to its winemaker, Sven Bruchfeld, Tiraziš is a hand-made wine that expresses the essence of its origin, having been vinified and aged exclusively in ‘House Casa del Vino’. In the Elamite language, Tiraziš means Shyraz, the name of a city in ancient Persia where Syrah is said to have originated.

Its aromas range from black plums to mint. As a characteristic wine of the variety, it also brings notes of spices - with a pinch of white pepper, this is a little more delicate than the others. According to its creator, "it is a fine and powerful wine at the same time, almost like a way to combine two worlds in the same bottle". Quite fresh, this creation of House Casal del Vino is so unusual that it can even accompany more substantial fish.

Best served at between 16°C ~18°C.
Tiraziš是一個來自卡薩布蘭卡谷,生長於冷氣候的Syrah葡萄為原料的酒款,最初那裡的葡萄種植只有3.68公頃的“灌木藤”釀酒師Sven Bruchfeld表示,Tiraziš是一種手工製作的葡萄酒,表達的精髓在於Syrah葡萄的起源,在Elamite語言中,Tiraziš的命名是Shyraz波斯古代的城市的名稱,聽說是Syrah品種的起源地。
Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:16~18