House El Gran Petit Syrah/Petit Verdot

英文品名: House El Gran Petit Syrah/Petit Verdot
中文品名: 首席釀酒師小巨人紅葡萄酒
品種: Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot
產地:  Cachapoal Valley
年份: 2015
Tasting Note:

The grapes used to produce El Gran Petit are tiny, but the concentration of aromas and flavours contained in each selected grape is enormous. Its unique personality is achieved by co-fermenting the Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot varieties, which are harvested from our La Moralina estate in the heart of Cachapoal Andes. The fermentation takes place in concrete eggs, resulting in a wine with a daring, potent personality, an intensely deep violet colour and outstanding fruity character. It has great essence and spirit, with generous aromas and flavours, all of which leads us to the conclusion that what we have here is “a little giant”.

Best served at between 10°C ~12°C.
用於生產這款的Gran Petit葡萄品種是屬小型果實,但是葡萄中所含的香氣和香味的濃度是巨大的。其獨特的個性與風味,是透過Petite Sirah和Petit Verdot兩種品種所實現出來的,這些葡萄是從La Moralina莊園收穫的。在混凝土蛋型發酵器中進行發酵,產生具有大膽與強烈的個性,強烈的深紫色和卓越的果味,它具有龐大的張力與豐富的香氣。
Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:18