House Malmau Malbec

英文品名: House El Malmau Malbec
中文品名: 首席釀酒師懋雷野生馬爾貝克紅葡萄酒
品種: 100% Malbec
產地:  Maule Valley
年份: 2014
Tasting Note:

It all began on an estate that had been abandoned to its fate in the Maule Valley, where Argentine winemaker Matías Michelini discovered a paradise growing wild. It was a case of love at first sight, and he immediately took up the challenge of turning these grapes from aged Malbec vines into wine. He chose the workshop winery at ‘House Casa del Vino’ to develop it, leaving the standard protocols and methods aside. The result? A miraculous drink, christened Malmau, a word-play honouring its origin, Maule, and the grape variety that gave it life, Malbec.

A wine from the wild, from the garden. Its rustic aromas of tobacco are intertwined with the delicacy of the cherry. In the mouth, the tannins are soft and do not overlap with the flavors. With each sip, this wine asks for one more. Its name comes from the junction of its origin, Maule, with the name of the variety that gave it life, Malbec.

這款酒的發想,開始於Maule山谷一個遺棄莊園谷,阿根廷釀酒師Matías Michelini發現了一個野生生長的老年馬爾貝克葡萄樹。他選擇在“House Casa del Vino”的車間酒廠進行開發,把葡萄酒的釀酒標準和方法擱置一邊,在混凝土蛋型發酵器中進行發酵,結果是重新詮釋了馬爾貝克。野生的葡萄,擁有芳香的煙草與櫻桃的味道交織在一起。柔軟的單寧口感,卻不會與天然香料的氣息重疊。這款酒的命名,結合了葡萄的產地-Maule,與品種的名稱。
Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:16-18