CASAS PATRONALES Reserva Carmenere

英文品名: CASAS PATRONALES Reserva Carmenere
中文品名: 帕德納芮限量經典佳美娜紅葡萄
品種: 100% Carmenere
產地: Maule Valley
年份: 2015
Tasting Note:

This wine is a deep purple-red colour and has aromas of fresh black fruit, cherries, black pepper and chocolate. On the palate, it is well-structured with very smooth
tannins. This is a fresh wine with notes of black plums, tobacco and a smooth toasted undertone that combines with the fruit on the finish.

Food pairings:

This wine pairs well with pasta, white meat, mature cheese and Chinese food.


深紫紅色澤來自手工採收的100% 佳美娜葡萄。濃郁飽滿的櫻桃果香,夾雜著黑胡椒以及巧克力的香氣。單寧柔順,口感密實,酒體結構完整均衡,層次豐富,後韻悠長,帶有優雅的果香與煙燻氣

Serve Temperatures/建議飲用溫度:16-18